About The Farm Centre

For almost forty years the Prince Edward Island Farm Centre has worked to further the interests of the people and businesses that operate, maintain and benefit from the success of the agriculture and the agri-food industry in Prince Edward Island. Each year thousands of people access our facilities for a host of industry, educational, community and cultural activities.

The Farm Centre Association and our tenants service the needs of rural and urban Islanders by helping farmers and agri-food producers identify ways and means of improving production techniques, growing their market share, identifying trends and market opportunities, promoting the Islands agricultural products, and showcasing new technologies. We also enhance the everyday lives of Islanders by promoting sustainability through the lectures and workshops we host along with hands-on-the-tiller experience for urban dwellers in our Farm Centre Legacy Garden.

Our recently updated Farm Centre facility has a commercial kitchen that is frequently used to prepare foods for meetings and gatherings. The Centre hosts numerous social and cultural events that bring our rural and urban communities together. These include cultural events featuring theatre, food and agriculture themed art exhibitions, musical performances and cultural celebrations.

Farmers and agri-food producers meet potential investors in our meeting rooms and public space. From those meetings grow successful business partnerships and a thriving agricultural sector. The PEI Farm Centre provides vital turnkey office spaces for over twenty non-profit commodity and community organizations.